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The B Independent store is now closed

After 17 years online, the two families who started B Independent are retiring.  No new orders will be accepted, although we'll still be here through the end of the month to handle issues with existing orders.

Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has shared in our incredible online adventure.  Thank you for shopping with us, challenging and inspiring us over the last 17 years.  You're the best -- stay strong and b independent!

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B Organized with memory joggers, medication reminders, timers & watches

B Able with assistive technology, disability & daily living aids

B Fit with exercise balls, Therabands, Airex mats, hand exercisers

B Well with organic products & natural therapies

B Inspired with puzzles, software, games, disability dolls


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Why shop with us?

Before landing here, you might never have heard of B Independent.  We're not one of the big names that dominate Internet marketing, though we have been around as long as most (16+ years now). 

So why should you give us your business?

We're glad you asked!

Innovative items that comfort and support

B Independent specializes in devices designed to make living easier, safer, more enjoyable.  You'll find everything from fitness gear and safety supplies to daily living aids.  These are quality products that preserve dignity and encourage independence.  

If you or someone you love struggles to:

  • focus, organize, remember

  • see, hear or communicate

  • grasp, lift, balance, move around

Having the right aid might help, and our store offers a great selection!

Helpful staff

Call B Independent and you'll speak to a real, live person.  Not just any person, either, but a co-owner of the business.

Will we listen?  Take your question seriously?  Go out of our way to help solve your problem?

You matter to us.  Our customers are the lifeblood of our business, and we will work hard to earn and keep your trust. 


You can only be helped by a solution that you know exists. 

We stay up to date on new technologies and innovations and lay out options, so, without a lot of time or effort, you can make an informed choice.  


When it comes to daily living aids, finding the right tool for the job is vital.  Rarely is there one product that is best for all people and all situations.

An item can be beautifully crafted and extremely durable, but if it doesn't do what you need or proves a pain to use, who cares? 

B Independent tests new products before adding them to our website.  Unless we're convinced of an aid's value, we won't stock it.  But that's only half the job. We then create a clear and informative product description explaining:

  • how the product works

  • when and where it functions best

  • what it does well, and what less so

  • why it is unique

  • who could benefit

Cookie-cutter descriptions shed little light on what would work best for you. We aim to do better. 

Since we know and use our products ourselves, we can answer your questions and help you identify a good fit, one that suits your lifestyle, situation and preferences (your pocketbook too)!


Shopping at big box stores, even on the web, can get a tad boring.  Designs are functional, offerings predictable.  There's a yawn factor.

B Independent, by contrast, has personality.  Quirkiness and individuality.

This is not just another cloned ecommerce site.  Which means you can be surprised...by fresh layouts, unusual presentations, off-beat products. Enjoy a little adventure. See what you unearth -- and have fun along the way. 


Shop our Welcome Fall Sale

The weather is just beginning to cool and schedules are changing as schools reopen. Take a little time to do something enjoyable.  And if shopping qualifies, you're in luck.  Our Welcome Fall sale offers great bargains on items that will make your life easier!

Luxury blended with practicality is sweet...bargain priced, it's even sweeter.  So check out the sale offerings in our various departments.

Remember too that nothing takes the fun out of "doing" faster than pain.  What could make your life easier going forward?  The right product can restore pleasure by being easier to hold and use.


B Organized Specials

SOS-ID Emergency Medical Bracelet, gold finish

IdentiMed System for organizing & identifying medications

SOS-ID Medical Bracelet

IdentiMed System

for organizing & identifying medications

70% off   $29.99
regularly $99.95
$50 off!  $4.98
regularly $9.95

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B Able Specials

Deluxe 3-Wheel Steel Rollator

Zeroll Ice Cream Scoop

Deluxe 3-wheel,

Zeroll Ice Cream Scoop,
aluminum or Teflon

sale! $  97.00
MSRP $181.97
sale! $9.97 & $11.97
regularly $14.95 & $17.95

Browse our B Able aisles 

B Fit Specials    Sale on famous Airex quality!

Airex Yoga Mat

Airex Bambino Mat
in green

25% off! $41.07
regularly $54.77

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B Inspired Specials

Big Piece Puzzle Sale!

All sizes large format puzzles marked down 14%!

sale! $9.45 to $13.73
regularly $10.99 to $15.97

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B Independent, celebrating 16 years online!

Super Ball Fun
Super-size your fun!

Peanut-shaped balls, balls with feet, balls with bumps, big, little, hard, soft...balls to sit on, squish, and toss.  We have them all - a ball for every body...and they're all on sale!



Mountain Goat Adventuring with Ardis

"Mountain Goat" Adventuring

Ardis M. longed to trek the beautiful forested trails near her home, but falling posed a constant risk.

Then came the "Mountain Goat" (more commonly known as the Trionic mountain walker) -- and freedom to explore! 

A real customer, true account, actual photos...

Share her adventures!



16 years ago, two sisters - without any retail experience and separated by 500 miles - launched a website offering health and wellness aids.

Wherever possessed us? How did it all begin?

Loss, despair...and recovery.

This may sound like the latest potboiler, but it's actually our story, and we'd like to share it with you.

B Independent: Alone on the Web.



Definitely not Ho-hum!

Do you know someone who struggles to see, hear or move around?  For some great ideas, visit our Gift Shop.



Get answers to all your questions about medical jewelry...


- cherishing the future



Struggling with brain injury? The right aids can help you reclaim lost freedoms.



You went above and beyond, [making] me feel like I was talking to an old friend.  You were kind, loving and patient, three things I never thought I'd find over the phone with such exceptional help.

Marta K.


You've given me wonderful information and support, and I'm not even a customer yet.  I'm very impressed!

Sarah T.


It's great to work with a company that is so dedicated to customer satisfaction.  

Phil L.


You're the perfect example of what customer service should be.  Thanks again for your assistance.

Judi H.



B Organized

B Able

B Fit

B Well

B Inspired

Medication management

Pill organizers

Timed pill dispensers

Pill alarms

Pill storage & taking

Medical ID jewelry

Digital timers


Home organizers

Phones & accessories

Communication aids

Attainment GoTalks

AbleNet QuickTalkers

VidaTak communication boards

Picture cards & more

Reading & writing aids

Daily living aids

Self-care & dressing

Bed & bath


Wheeled walkers (rollators)

Drive rollators

Dolomite rollators

Trionic walkers

Special needs rollators

Bariatric equipment

Kitchen aids

Eating utensils


Stability balls

Therapy balls

Weighted balls

Exercise DVDs

Theraband resistance bands/tubing


Hand exercisers

Fitness & yoga mats

Balance pads & cushions

Kids activity

Austin Air cleaners

Austin Air filters



Spa & body care

Burt's Bees

Fit & Fresh

Biofreeze for pain (healthcare professionals only)

Theraband rehab kits (healthcare professionals only)

Large format puzzles

300 big pieces - Ravensburger

500 big pieces - Ravensburger

Children's Factory

Soft Play & Furniture


Disability dolls

Gund Huggables


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