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Exercise ball FAQs

What would you like to know about exercise balls?  We've answered the most frequently asked questions below. Just click on a question to read the response.  

Did we miss your question?  Just email us: customercare@bindependent.com 

What are exercise balls used for?

Aren't all exercise balls basically the same?

Do I need a burst-resistant ball?

What size ball should I get?

Why are some balls softer than others?

How do I inflate the ball?

How do I care for my exercise ball?

How do I clean my exercise ball?

How do I learn how to use my exercise ball?

What are exercise balls used for?

I'm tempted to say, "just about everything!"  Exercise balls are incredibly versatile fitness tools.  Use them to work on balance ... resistance ... flexibility ... and strength.

Exercise balls are a natural for anyone wishing to actively sit, stretch, tone, and strengthen.  It's a nice bonus that they are also fun, safe and affordable!

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Aren't all exercise balls basically the same?

Sadly, no!  A lot of balls on the market are designed for inexpensive play.  Being flimsy, they pierce easily and don't hold up well to sustained use.

We carry only high-quality, durable exercise balls.  All these balls are tough and resist piercing.  They can also handle greater weights.

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Do I need a burst-resistant ball?

We recommend using a burst-resistant exercise ball whenever possible (Transparent balls and the huge Megaballs don't come with this option).

Why?  Well, security is the most compelling reason. No matter how tough the ball, something sharp like a nail can penetrate it. When that happens, a non-burst-resistant ball can burst rather like a balloon, dropping you abruptly on the floor - and giving you a good fright!  Not good.  Puncture a burst-resistant ball and it deflates slowly and gently.

A less obvious reason for preferring burst-resistance is peace-of-mind.  Knowing that your ball will not explode if punctured - though it can still tear - lets you relax.  That's worth a lot right there!

Note:  If you are using your exercise ball for therapy, don't gamble!  Get the safety of burst-resistance.  Likewise, if you plan to use weights while exercising on the ball, you need burst-resistance.  Otherwise you're running unnecessary risks.

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What size ball should I get?

Here are some rough sizing guidelines:

  • If you are 4'11" to 5' 3" get 55cm.
  • If you are 5' 4" to 5' 10" get 65cm.
  • If you are 5' 11" or taller get 75cm.

Sizes based upon height are approximate.  If you are near a division (for instance, you stand between 5' 2" and 5' 5" tall) you could opt to go either way.  Consider your other body characteristics (like weight) and how you plan to use the ball.  Click for more precise sizing instructions.

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Why are some balls softer than others?

Some balls are softer because some people prefer a softer feel.  Others like firm. Fortunately, softer does not mean less burst-resistant or durable.  Soft?  Firm?  This is a matter of personal comfort and preference.

Soft versus firm really becomes important only if you plan to use your exercise ball as a chair and spend many hours on it.  Otherwise, you might want to use it only as a secondary consideration in choosing a ball.

NOTE: Under-inflating a ball also makes it seem softer.  Just so you know :) 

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How do I inflate the ball?

Filling is easily accomplished.  The simplest solution is to buy a Theraband Power Pump along with your ball.  It makes quick work of inflating.  

When your ball arrives, here's what you do:  remove the plug from the ball, fill the ball with air, then replace the plug.

If you prefer, you can visit your local car or tire repair shop and see if you can't use their compressed air to blow up the ball.

Wondering how much air to put in? Click here for detailed advice on inflating your ball.

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How do I care for my exercise ball?

Caring for an exercise ball is pretty straightforward.  Just be careful to:

  • Check for sharp objects before using.  Examine your clothing and the area where you will be using the ball for items like nails, staples, and sharp jewelry that could cause a puncture.
  • Regularly check your ball for gouges or deep scratches.

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How do I clean my exercise ball?

Wash your exercise ball with a soft cloth and warm, soapy water.  Try not to let the ball come in contact with materials printed in black ink (like newspapers), since these can permanently mark the ball.

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How do I learn how to use my exercise ball?

We illustrate how to do some basic exercise ball exercises.  For more detailed, specific information, explore our selection of exercise ball books and videos.  

We're suckers for videos especially, because watching someone else actually perform certain actions really helps. You see how movements play out.  Then, after seeing how the expert does it, you try it yourself, modeling your performance upon the expert's.  Didn't quite catch that sequence?  Just rewind and redo!  

Whether your new to exercise ball workouts or already skilled, whether you want a general program or a targeted one, you'll find videos to match.

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