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Special needs

No Running Please!

Don't risk an accident by dashing through the house to reach a ringing phone.

Cordless phones let you place extensions where needed.


Telephones, caller IDs & accessories for special needs 

Big Button & Amplified Phones

Ameriphone Picture Phone

Clarity Ameriphone Photo Phone


Ameriphone Amplified Big Button Phone

Clarity Ameriphone Big Button Amplified Telephone


Ameriphone XL-30 Corded Amplified Telephone

Clarity Ameriphone XL-30 Amplified Phone $99.95

Ameriphone XL-50 Amplified Telephone for Severe Hearing Loss

Clarity Ameriphone XL-50 for moderate to severe hearing loss $139.95

Walker Clarity Phone

Walker Clarity Telephone $107.70

Clarity C2210 Amplified Phone

Clarity C-2210 Amplified Telephone with Caller-ID; optional strobe & bed shaker $137.95

Big Button phone with braille

Northwestern Bell Big Button Phone with Braille $39.95

Clearsounds Amplified Big Button Phone with Caller ID

Clearsounds Big Button Amplified with Caller ID


Amplified Big Button Cell Phone

Clarity-C900 amplified cell, easy to see & use, emergency button


Clarity-C900, amplified, easier to see, hear & use cell, with emergency button


Amplified Answering Machine

Amplicom Amplified Answering Machine, ab900

Amplicom Amplified Answering Machine, with tone, volume & message speed control



Cordless Phones

Clarity D603 cordless amplified big-button caller-ID phone

Clarity D603 cordless amplified big button caller-ID phone


Clarity C4230 Cordless Amplified Speakerphone with Answering Machine

Clarity C4230 amplified with answering machine, dual speakerphone


Clarity C440 cordless amplified phone with CID & flashing ringer

Clarity C440, amplified, caller-ID, bright ringer, illuminated dial


Amplicom PowerTel 580

Amplicom PowerTel 580, amplified cordless with speakerphone & answering machine



Clarity Professional Cordless Amplified

Clarity Professional 5.8GHz Cordless Amplified Phone, with optional extra handsets $167.70

Emergency Communications

Clarity-C900 amplified cell, easy to see & use, emergency button

Clarity-C900, amplified, easy to see & use cell, with emergency button


911 Guardian Phone

911 Guardian Phone, tiny wearable speakerphone*

      *911 Guardian Phone FAQ

Telemergency Pro alert device

Telemergency Pro alert device $129.95

Remote Controlled Phones

Ameriphone Remote Controlled Speakerphone

Ameriphone Remote Controlled Speakerphone $399.00

Ringers & Visual Indicators

Clarity Extra Loud Ringer

Clarity Extra Loud Ringer $25.95

Tel Bell

TelBell $67.00

Phone Strobe Flasher

Phone Strobe Flasher $24.95

Lamp Retrofit Kit

Lamp Retrofit Kit $22.95

Caller IDs

Fanstel Caller ID with Extra Large Display

Fanstel Caller ID with Extra Large Display, includes call-waiting $39.95

Voice Announce

Voice Announce $69.95

Telephone Accessories

Ameriphone Amplifier, 30 db or 40 db gain $44.95+

B Organized

B Able

B Fit

B Well

B Inspired

Medication management

Pill organizers

Timed pill dispensers

Pill alarms

Pill storage & taking

Medical ID jewelry

Digital timers


Home organizers

Phones & accessories

Communication aids

Attainment GoTalks

AbleNet QuickTalkers

VidaTak communication boards

Picture cards & more

Reading & writing aids

Daily living aids

Self-care & dressing

Bed & bath


Wheeled walkers (rollators)

Drive rollators

Dolomite rollators

Trionic walkers

Special needs rollators

Bariatric equipment

Kitchen aids

Eating utensils


Stability balls

Therapy balls

Weighted balls

Exercise DVDs

Theraband resistance bands/tubing


Hand exercisers

Fitness & yoga mats

Balance pads & cushions

Kids activity

Austin Air cleaners

Austin Air filters



Spa & body care

Burt's Bees

Fit & Fresh

Biofreeze for pain (healthcare professionals only)

Theraband rehab kits (healthcare professionals only)

Large format puzzles

300 big pieces - Ravensburger

500 big pieces - Ravensburger

Children's Factory

Soft Play & Furniture


Disability dolls

Gund Huggables


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