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Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has shared in our incredible online adventure.  Thank you for shopping with us, challenging and inspiring us over the last 17 years.  You're the best -- stay strong and b independent!

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"I thrill over being able to look around me while I walk without losing my balance. For years I studied tree stumps. Now I gaze up through the branches and when I turn my head to follow an eagle I don't land on my backside..."

Follow one customer's adventures as she and her Trionic take on the world.


Sporty, all-terrain Trionic goes where other rollators can't!

When the outdoors beckons, grab your Trionic walker and go

Where would you like to go today... Downtown? To the park? The golf course? Following a creek or hiking a trail? 

Wherever in the world you choose to venture, Trionic lets you step confidently.

Trionic users are active by choice.  If the out of doors calls to you and you would rather be off and doing, if you chaff at being confined to paved paths, Trionic is your ideal companion.  Its ground-hugging 3-wheel design, huge air-filled tires and unique climbing wheel can handle whatever awaits - concrete, grass, sand, gravel road, cobbled street, wet, dry and in between, beach, hillside or alpine meadow.

The Trionic Nordic Walker (our standard model) comes ready for action, with a seat that maximizes walking space and a matching basket with zip-pocket.  But that's just the beginning. Make your Trionic truly your own!  Outfit it to suit your interests and lifestyle with any of these money-saving packages:

  • City Walker - features deeper seat, with rigid inserts for extra support.  Seat also sports 3M Scotchlite reflective stripes.  Walker includes basket and rain cover for seat/basket.

  • Golf Walker - features two detachable golf bags attached to main frame.  Comes with basic seat, basket and basket rain cover.

  • Mountain Walker - features a bag that snaps onto the seat (& flips forward so you can sit down) and a backpack that fits nicely into the basket.  Includes basic seat, basket and basket rain cover.

  • Hunt Walker - features a rifle bag, backpack, a basket with rain cover, and (of course!) a seat for resting.

Meet Trionic, an adventurer's best friend

Trionic rollator walker, the adventurer's friendYou know at a glance that this is not your frail grandmother's rollator.  There is nothing stiff or delicate about this walking machine.

Other words come to mind...





The Trionic thrives on challenge.  Climbs steps.  Takes to the high ways - and the byways.  Wherever you choose to go.

Reclaim a more active life.  Grab hold of a Trionic and be off!

The Trionic - built tough, ready for action


The Trionic is a walker on a mission - to enable you to be more physically active!  And it is well equipped for the task.


The Trionic's revolutionary Climbing Wheel makes quick work of obstacles and curbs up to 5" high.  A special shock-absorbing suspension combined with huge 12" tires ensures you'll not be jounced to death traveling over bumpy trails.  Dual-mode handling can be set to accommodate thick grass or snow, as well as pavement.  And the ground-hugging 3-wheel design provides superior maneuverability and uncompromising support.

Curious about how the Trionic climbs curbs or folds up

Can you picture yourself walking a Trionic through the park? 

If you have a yen for adventure, take a moment for find out what the Trionic's smooth support could make possible.

Which Trionic works for you?
The Trionic comes in four configurations, so you can select the one that best meets your needs.  Plus, now you you can get even larger, 14" pneumatic wheels!
Noridic Walker Nordic Sport Walker, with seat & basket in black/white/white or navy/red/white 12" = $1095.00

14" = $1155.00

Trionic City Walker City Tour Walker, with deeper & more supportive seat plus seat/basket cover, black/reflex/red 12" = $1140.00

14" = $1200.00

Trionic Golf Walker Golf Walker, with detachable golf bags; also seat, basket & basket rain cover, navy/black/red 12" = $1255.00

14" = $1315.00

Trionic Mountain Walker Mountain Trek Walker, with a bag that attaches to seat & a backpack that fits in basket; also rain cover, green/black/orange or navy/black/yellow 12" = $1215.00

14" = $1275.00

Hunt Walker, offers off-road capacity with a rifle bag, backpack, a basket with rain cover & a seat for resting, green/black/orange or navy/black/yellow 12" = $1255.00

14" = $1315.00


Outfit your Trionic for style, safety & convenience


Of course, at any point you can add accessories to customize your Trionic.   Consider these possibilities:



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