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Supercharge your exercise with minimeds, heavymed balls, soft weights & wrist/ankle weights

Small balls are portable, inexpensive, and fun to use.  What could be better for exercise?  Weighted balls, of course!  Now you can enjoy the fun and versatility of a ball, combined with the effectiveness of resistance exercise.  These MiniMeds, HeavyMeds and Soft Weights offer delightful ways to:

  • move your whole body

  • target abdominals and back - the body's "core"

  • stretch and strengthen through a full range of motion 

  • blend physical skills (flexibility, force, etc.)

Then for general sports training and for rehabilitation, check out the Thera-Band Comfort Fit Ankle & Wrist Weight Sets.  These sleek, comfy bands enhance traditional upper and lower body strengthening exercises, balance training or stabilization exercises. 

FitBall MiniMeds, 5" with strap for easy holding

FitBall Mini-Med, 1 lb. yellow, 5" diameter

FitBall MiniMed, 1 lb , yellow



regularly $14.95

FitBall Mini-Med, 2 lbs. purple, 5" diameter

FitBall MiniMed, 2 lbs, purple



regularly $15.95

FitBall Mini-Med, 3 lbs. orange, 5" diameter

FitBall MiniMed, 3 lbs, orange



regularly $17.95

FitBall Mini-Med, 4 lbs. white, 5" diameter

FitBall MiniMed, 4 lbs, white



regularly $19.95

FitBall Mini-Med, 5# red, 5"

FitBall MiniMed, 5 lbs, red



regularly $21.95

HeavyMed medicine balls

Like some guidance picking a medicine ball?  Want to learn more about using them?  Check our free guides: 

For your convenience, our medicine balls are available either separately or in money-saving packages.  Get everything you want and only what you want!  Choices include:

  • medicine ball only
  • medicine ball + video
  • medicine ball set
MedBalls - clearance priced

MedBall, 3 kg (sorry, lighter weights not available)

half price!




HeavyMed Balls

HeavyMed Ball Set, one each of all five balls

HeavyMed ball set, one each of all five balls 


Heavy Med Ball, green 500 gr

HeavyMed ball, 500 grams


Heavy Med Ball, red 1000 gr

HeavyMed ball, 1000 grams


Heavy Med Ball, yellow 2000 grams

HeavyMed ball, 2000 grams


Heavy Med Ball, blue 3000 grams

HeavyMed ball, 3000 grams


Heavy Med Ball, orange 5000 grams

HeavyMed ball, 5000 grams


HeavyMed Ball Storage Rack

HeavyMed Ball Rack, holds set of five balls 

$134.95 or $249.95 (with ball set)

TheraBand Soft Weights

Theraband Soft Weights

Theraband Soft Weights in tan, yellow, red green, blue & black

$11.95 to $18.95

Theraband Soft Weights & Rack

Soft Weights 2-Tier Rack


Theraband Soft Weights in progressive resistances

Soft Weights 1-Tier Rack


Theraband Soft Weights in progressive resistances

TheraBand Comfort Fit Ankle/Wrist Cuff Weights

TheraBand Cuff Weight, set of two red 1 lb. weights



Theraband Soft Weights in progressive resistances

TheraBand Cuff Weight, set of two green 1.5 lb. weights



Theraband Soft Weights in progressive resistances

TheraBand Cuff Weight, set of two blue 2.5 lb. weights



Theraband Soft Weights in progressive resistances
  Exercise ball DVDs


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