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TheraBand: Use & care guide

Theraband resistance bands are widely used for rehabilitation from muscle and joint injuries and for aerobics and general conditioning.

Progressive resistance using the TheraBand

TheraBands are the only resistive exercise bands endorsed by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA).  These 6" wide latex bands come in different, color-coded resistance levels, distinguished by the thickness of the band: 

Theraband Color

Theraband Thickness

Comparison: pounds of pull needed to stretch a 12" band length to 24"



2.5 lb
red medium 4.5 lb
green heavy 5.0 lb
blue extra heavy 7.5 lb
black  special heavy 9.0 lb
silver super heavy 15.0 lb

The progressive resistance system makes it easy to measure progress in achieving fitness or therapy goals. Here's how it works.  You start with a Theraband of comfortable resistance. As you use the band, your muscle strength and endurance improve.  The exercises become easier and easier to do.  When you are ready for more challenge, simply move to a more resistant band (i.e. shift from yellow to red or green to blue).  This increases the intensity of the exercise.

The progressive resistance system provides at-a-glance feedback on your progress (also positive reinforcement).

TheraBand exercise guidelines

TheraBand use can improve the cooperation of muscle groups.  It also works on strength and range of motion. The TheraBand's unique properties allow it to be stretched and relaxed in a smooth and consistent manner.  This prevents the bounce at the end of a range of motion exercise that can cause muscle spasms.

When exercising, keep in mind the following:



Warm up the muscle groups before exercising. Don't use body oil with the theraband.
Maintain good posture.  Keep your wrists straight and in line with your elbows. Don't bend your wrists.  If you start to lose your posture, stop and reposition yourself.
Breathe normally.  Exhale during the most difficult phase and inhale during the easiest. Don't hold your breath.
Use controlled movements. Don't continue exercising if anything hurts while you are training.
Maintain the natural width of the band to keep it from digging into your hands or sliding up your legs.  
When you finish your workout, stretch.  

Tip: Make a handle by tying a loop in the band or tying two bands together. 

TheraBand use and care

Resistance bands are in wide use throughout the world, and TheraBands in particular are endorsed by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA).  They are versatile, portable and  easy-to-use (also inexpensive).  However, you should consult your doctor or health care provider before beginning a resistance program - or any exercise program.

Then, while using the band, stay attuned to your body.  If any exercise causes you to hurt - stop!  Don't overdo. 

Caring for a TheraBand is simple.  Just store it out of direct sunlight.  Don't use it together with body oil.  And regularly examine it for nicks, tears, or punctures that might cause the band to snap.

  TheraBands at-a-glance


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