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Medical IDs


More help with medications


Take lots of medicines?

If you have a serious medical condition - diabetes, epilepsy, heart disease, etc. - you need medical ID jewelry. 

So why fence-sit? 

  • too many choices?
  • too much to consider?
  • fear loss of privacy?
  • not a "jewelry person"?

B Independent now has a website to address your concerns:


Learn the in's and out's of emergency ID  jewelry. Get answers to Frequently Asked Questions. 

Then, find your match...medical jewelry that suits your taste and lifestyle, whether:

  • elegantly traditional,
  • boldly modern,
  • whimsically off-beat, or
  • clean-lined and practical.

KeepSafeJewelry, safeguarding your future...beautifully.







Add colorful ID-on-Me bands to party goody bags - kids (& their parents) will love them!

Idea comes from Frances C.


Emergency medical I.D. jewelry

It's lovely and lifesaving!  

"The information on medical ID jewelry absolutely could save your life."  So says the chief of emergency medicine at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas

If you have a serious chronic health condition (like seizures, diabetes, heart trouble) or allergies, or take regular medications, you should be wearing medical ID.  In an emergency, it can alert medical personnel to your needs, avoiding dangerous delays and mistakes.  

So why aren't you?  Don't deny yourself this peace of mind out of distaste for ugly, expensive, "clinical" jewelry.  Because it isn't like that at all.... 

"I received the bracelet today...and I just have to say that I love it!!! Thanks again!!" Jennifer M. 

SOS-ID Medical ID Bracelets

Be prepared for emergencies!  This beautiful, Swiss-made jewelry provides the most complete and confidential medical ID system available.

Record your medical history, blood type, contact number, allergies, medications, disorders, etc. on the specially treated  paper strip (12" of space).  Place in the fire-crush-and-waterproof locket. 

Medications changing?  No problem - you can update your own vital data within minutes.  

Caduceus SOS-ID Medical Bracelet, triple gold-plated

70% off!


regularly $99.95

Replacement SOS-ID Strip

Replacement SOS-ID Strip, 12" specially treated paper


Extra Fine Sharpie

Sharpie, extra-fine permanent marker


Deluxe Medical ID Jewelry

These IDs keep medical information private inside unless needed.  Available in men's and women's versions.

Deluxe Medical ID Bracelet/Chain, silver finish, men's or women's

Deluxe Medical ID Bracelet/Chain


Deluxe Flexible  Medical ID Band, goldtone, men's & women's

Deluxe Goldtone Flexible Medical ID Band


ID-on-Me Emergency ID bands


This new Dome Label ID On Me bracelet has a durable, scratch proof polyurethane coating to protect the highly visible ID logo or Medical symbol.


Rugged, fun and inexpensive, these vibrantly colored bands are ideal for athletes and kids.  They also provide a worry-free back-up ID to wear when your regular ID is misplaced or when you anticipate bumps, bangs, and scratches. Easy on, easy off.  


Find out what makes these IDs special

ID-on-Me yellow bracelet

ID-on-Me Yellow Emergency Bracelet, ID or Caduceus


ID-on-Mesilver bracelet

ID-on-Me Silver Emergency Bracelet, ID or Caduceus


Extra Fine Sharpie

Sharpie, extra-fine permanent marker


Replacement Strip for ID-on-Me Band




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