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Rollator Buying Guide

Guide to Rollator Features

I truly appreciate your help through this purchase.  My Dolomite has been a GREAT find -- the trip was perfect thanks to the right equipment.

Erika H.


Mystery solved! 

I thought [the small lever at the base of the rollator] might be for raising the front wheels, but I didn't know why.  Now I know, a curb climber makes perfect sense...

By the way, a great walker!

Brice C.


Dolomite rollators help you walk naturally

Dolomite Walkers Are Thoughtfully Designed

Dolomite walkers have won numerous design awards - for good reason.  Here are some of unique features available on all Dolomite rollators:

  • forward facing handles - these promote better posture
  • curb climbers - to help you lift the walker over an obstacle
  • folding frames - so you can easily store and transport
  • molded seat - for resting along the way

Innovative design and engineering excellence are what you want in a rollator.  But that's not all.   

Dolomite Rollators Are Built to Last

Dolomite walkers are also built to high standards of quality and workmanship.  Stay active and independent with a rollator that also provides peace of mind:

  • lifetime warranty on frame
  • five year warranty on brake handle
  • one year warranty on all other parts
Dolomite Rollators Offer Choice

People vary, so do Dolomite walkers.  Find the rollator that does what you want, in the size you need, then configure it to suit your lifestyle.  Dolomite rollators offer plenty of choice, from the steel-framed Legacy to the aluminum Symphony...

Dolomite Rollators Have Options Galore

There's a Dolomite accessory to handle almost any need, from accommodating a disability to making life a touch easier.  Consider the possibilities... 

Dolomite Symphony

As its name suggests, the Symphony walker harmonizes design and function.  This rollator is lightweight, weighing only 14 pounds.  The seat flips up, allowing you to walk within the frame - you receive more support that way than when walking behind a rollator.  The flip-up feature is also handy when you want to step forward and reach items on a counter, table or shelf.

When you sit on the Symphony's seat, you'll appreciate its flexible back support.  On the move, you'll enjoy the rollator's detachable basket with carry handle.  

What else might you want?  How about rollator arms that provide step-less height adjustment?  Ergonomic grips?  Brakes that are easily locked in a parking position? And large indoor-outdoor casters with puncture proof tires?  All come standard on the Symphony. 

Made of aluminum, the Symphony is finished in an elegant brushed silver color and is available in three seat heights.  

Ready for the Symphony? 

Dolomite Symphony rollator in brushed silver

Dolomite Symphony, brushed silver in standard, low & super low


Dolomite Legacy

Looking for a sporty rollator that is reliable and durable?  Consider the Dolomite Legacy in Candy Apple Red or Metallic Blue.

The Legacy comes with versatile 8" wheels to get you where you're going, indoors and out.  Its seat flips up for greater reach and gait training.  And its patented DABS braking system lets you stop and park the rollator easily.

The Legacy's standard features include:

  • a flexible back strap to support you when you're seated
  • a detachable basket with carry handle
  • a stepped handle adjustment with foam grips

Learn about the Legacy...

Dolomite Legacy rollator in candy apple red

Dolomite Legacy, candy apple red or metallic blue in standard, low & super


Dolomite Maxi+

If you're a big person, you want a rollator to match.  The Maxi+ is sized right with a wider frame (20.5") and a 400 pound weight capacity.  Yet it weighs only 19 pounds.

This wheeled walker features:

  • flexible backstrap and basket
  • large 8" puncture-proof tires
  • adjustable handle-height (6" range)
  • ergonomic grips
  • safety latch on seat to guard against accidental folding when using the seat's grab handle

Now in dark blue, the Maxi+ comes in two seat heights. 

Try the Maxi on for size...

Dolomite Maxi rollator in seafoam green

Dolomite Maxi+, dark blue in  standard & low


Dolomite Futura Tall

The newest addition to the Dolomite line is the Futura Tall, a walker designed for taller folk (those over 6'2").  Handle height goes up to 43.5" (no other standard rollator has handles this high).  The seat height is an equally lofty 27.5".  Finally, tall folks can get a walker to suit!

The Futura Tall's handles can be positioned at exactly the right height to accommodate different arm lengths, and at just the right angle to follow the body's natural motion pattern.

Best of all, as with other Dolomite's, the Futura's seat flips up out of the way when you are moving.  Without this obstacle in your way, you can stand more erect and move more naturally.  You can also get closer to countertops and tables.  Reaching the stuff you need becomes easier.

Other features include:

  • Magnetic seat latch secures against accidental closure
  • Foam covered handles provide comfortable grip
  • Curb climber on rear wheel assists when lifting front of walker
  • 8" wheels work well indoors and out
  • Safety latch on seat guards against accidental folding when using the seat's grab handle

Take the measure of the new Futura Tall...

Futura Tall

Dolomite Futura Tall


Dolomite Soprano

The new Dolomite Soprano is a lightweight, yet rugged walker.  The Soprano's large 10" wheels provide excellent performance on rough, uneven ground, making it ideal for active outdoor users. 

The Soprano blends a modern, stylish design and unique cable-free braking system with a wide, sturdy frame and reinforced seat, so it can accommodate users up to 355 pounds.


  • Cable-free braking system - stainless steel rods do not bend or stretch like traditional brake cables.
  • Frame - sturdy, heavy-duty frame provides excellent stability on rugged outdoor terrain. Frame is wider to allow more space to stride out.
  • Adjustable Handles - infinite adjustments to the required height and adjustable inward angle up to a maximum of 15 degrees.
  • Hand-grips - gently wedge-shaped hand grips provide a comfortable hand position for all hand sizes.
  • Flip-up Seat - extra large seat flips up for greater reach access and is reinforced for increased weight capacity.
  • Folding - stands when folded for easy storage and transport.
  • 10" wheels - large, solid wheels provide excellent friction and a comfortable ride. Stainless steel brake heel prevents dirt build-up.
  • Front platform and back support included.

Weight capacity: 355 lbs.  Color: Blue

Big 10" wheels, perfect for outdoors!

Dolomite Soprano Rollator in blue

Dolomite Soprano, silver


Dolomite Jazz

Take to the floor with a nimble and graceful partner.  The Jazz is responsive in motion and in folding.  Clean-lined too, with no exposed cables.

Move in close, walking within the frame.  The wheels surround you before and behind, staying out of your way, but offering ready support.

When you're ready for a break, settle onto the comfortable fabric seat.  Or close up the Jazz by tugging gently on seat's red ribbon.  Uncomplainingly the Jazz will unlatch and fold up, then stand solid, awaiting your further command.

Weight capacity of 287 pounds. Color: anthracite gray.

Grace in motion!

Dolomite Jazz 510

Dolomite Jazz


Dolomite Alpha

Does arthritis interfere with your ability to grip?  Has stroke left you weakened and unsteady?  The Alpha is a special walker designed specifically for users that have to deal with the added complexity of walking with arthritic or stroke conditions. 

The Alpha's unique, adjustable forearm supports and breaking system allow for maximum stability with minimum braking effort.

This Dolomite walker features:

  • Frame construction that maximizes stability and encourages proper posture and balance
  • Forearm supports you can adjust as to angle, width and depth
  • Individually adaptable handgrip that adjusts both in height and laterally in angle
  • Unique brake grip which is extremely easy to use and allows for limited hand dexterity

The Sapphire Blue Alpha has a weight capacity of 275 pounds.

Forearm supports & much more!

Dolomite Alpha, sapphire blue, comes with basket & food/beverage tray


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