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Special needs rollators & accessories - for freedom's sake

Don't Be Halted by Special Needs

What keeps you from moving as you wish?  Are you recovering from a broken hip or hip surgery?  Has stroke weakened you on one side?  Do you struggle to maintain balance and control because of Parkinson's, brain injury or other cognitive impairment?


A properly equipped rollator may well get you rolling again.


One-hand or One-arm

Adding a hemiplegic handle to a Symphony rollator enables you to control the walker with your body, while one hand handles the braking.


Broken hip

A walker can provide safe and reassuring walking support and encourage an uninterrupted walking pattern.  


Stroke survivor

A rollator equipped with a one-hand brake, plus a hemiplegic handle for the affected side may be just what you need to get moving again.



A rollator can support you and provide a barrier to push against, slowing you down.  An optional slow-down brake directly combats the tendency to walk faster and faster until you fall. Optional laser light can help break freezing episodes.



A reverse-braking rollator like the U-Step will not scoot away as you sit down or stand up.  Brakes are "always on" unless the handle is squeezed, allowing movement.


Fear of falling

A rollator provides peace of mind for those with balance problems and anxiety about falling.  A rollator focuses your attention and provides a frame of reference.  You move with greater confidence and calm, knowing support is at hand.


Rollators are wonderful tools for overcoming limitations. Whatever your special need or concern, you will likely find a rollator or rollator attachment to help you cope.


Here are some of the possibilities.  Don't see what you need?  Call us for more options: 972-699-0071.

Rollators Designed for Special Needs

U-Step Walking Stabilizer

Reverse braking

U-Step Advanced Walker, optional laser light for Parkinson's freezing

Dolomite Alpha rollator in sapphire blue

Arthritis or stroke

Dolomite Alpha


Let's Go Rollator

One-hand brake bar

Let's Go Rollator


Merry Walker

Greater independence

Merry Walker


Bariatric Merry Walker

Greater independence

Bariatric Merry Walker


Optional Rollator Accessories for Special Needs

Instead of purchasing a specialized rollator, you might be able to adapt a standard rollator.  Dolomite rollators, in particular, have optional accessories that might make them suitable for your use.


It's often little things that matter most. Accessories can make your walker much more functional.  A tray gives you a platform for carrying food.  Tall handles lets those who need it add 3" to the rollator's handle height.


Here are some accessories that solve special problems.

One-handed Brake for Dolomite rollators

Combines all the braking to one handle, so your strong side can control both brakes.  Ideal for arthritic or stroke clients.
Available for right or left side.

Available on Symphony & Maxi

One-handed Brake


Slow-down brakes for Dolomite rollators

Control the free movement of the back wheels. Adjust the knob to create tension on the tires to slow one or both wheels (individually adjustable).   These brakes help even the direction of travel when one side of the body is stronger than the other. Especially useful traveling downhill.

Available on Symphony, Legacy & Maxi

Slow-down Brakes


Hemiplegic handle for Dolomite rollators

Cushioned foam handle allows you to push with one side of your body while controlling the braking with your other hand. 
Call for pricing.

Available on Symphony

Hemiplegic Handle

Handles replace the foam grips.
The larger handle surface reduces fatigue through improved weight distribution.
Ideal for arthritic grip.

Available on Symphony, Legacy & Maxi

Anatomical Handles


For oxygen users, the O2 tank holder holds your D, C, or B size tanks. Velcro straps secure the tank.  Holder replaces the basket.

Available on Symphony, Legacy, Maxi, Soprano & Melody

Oxygen Tank Holder


Secure a cane or crutch to the side of your walker. Easy to install and operate and suitable for any single point cane. Mount on the front or rear of the walker.

Available on Symphony, Legacy & Maxi

Cane Holder


If you use a rollator indoors, your hands are occupied.  And  snacks, drinks and meals don't ride well in a basket. So what are you to do? Use this handy handy food and beverage tray to convert your seat into a tray table, ready to whisk stuff from here to there, comfortably and safely. 

Available on Symphony, Legacy & Maxi

Food & Beverage Tray



Simply press the red button on the handlebar, and the device projects a bright red laser line on the floor, effectively guiding every step you take. Laser offers a safe, obstacle-free, visual cue that helps you break the freezing episode and walk normally with increased stride length.

Available on U-Step

Laser Light


* Have up to 7 optional accessories installed for only $10.00 *



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