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Rollator (wheeled walker) features

All rollators are not alike.  We carry only top quality, durable rollators from Drive Medical and Dolomite that come with a lifetime warranty on the frame.

In addition to durability, you will want to consider features and options in shopping for a rollator.  You have choices regarding:

Rollator wheels

What size suits?

With walker wheels, the general rule is the larger the wheel, the easier it is to push, especially over rough ground.  Walkers with small solid wheels are really only suitable for indoors.

Three wheels or four?

Walkers with three wheels are more maneuverable but less stable than those with four wheels.

Four wheel walkers are easy to push, especially if the wheels are large and swivel.  This is a real advantage.  

If you need to lean or push against the rollator's frame for support, you may find a standard walker too mobile - the frame may "run away" from you.  The solution may be a wheeled walker with slow-down brakes, where with the turn of a knob you can adjust to have tension on the wheels.  

Rollator frame

Steel or aluminum?

Steel is stronger, but aluminum is lighter. If you weigh more than 250 pounds, you will likely want a steel walker.  Otherwise, you can go with one of the lighter (and more easily pushed) aluminum rollators.

Rollator handle height

How high should it go?

The handle height on rollators adjusts, either at the base or with individual handle adjustments.  The minimum height setting may be as low as 30" (on a petite model), the maximum can go as high as 38."  The exact range varies with the walker.  One rollator model might have a 31" minimum and a 35" maximum.  Another might run from 33" to 36."  Yet another, from 34" to 38."  

Select a rollator whose handles can be adjusted to a comfortable height for you.  Taller folk will need higher ranges (say between 34" and 38"), shorter folk will need lower ranges (perhaps 30" to 33"), with others falling somewhere in between.  Ranges overlap, and you don't have to fit into the middle of a range, so long as it includes your preferred handle height.   

Rollator brakes

What's to stop you?

With a rollator you want brakes that are easy and quick to operate so you feel in control.  Traditional choices include push-down and loop.  In addition, an innovative reverse braking system aids those who have trouble walking with a "natural" gait.


Push down brakes are operated by downward pressure on the spring-loaded frame.  These are the easiest brakes to operate. When you lean on the rollator frame, the motion of the rear wheels is interrupted.  This halts forward movement while you shift weight from one foot to the other.  

Push down brakes may be unsuitable for either petite users who can not push down heavily enough on frame or heavy users who may engage the brakes too constantly.

Available on Mimi-Lite Pushdown Rollator


Cable loop brakes resemble bike brakes.  They require squeeze action and simultaneous use of both hands.  However, they provide greater stability than pressure brakes. 

Because they offer instant braking action, cable brakes must be used cautiously.

Available on most rollators, including Symphony, Legacy & Maxi Rollators.

Special brake features

A locking feature frees you from having to continuously maintain a grip.  Instead the rollator's brakes can be locked in the "on" position.  This is a "must have" for being able to safely use a wheeled walker's built-in seat. 

Available on all four wheel Drive rollators.  Also on Dolomite Symphony, Legacy, Maxi & Alpha rollators.

Slow-down brakes allow you to control the rollator's speed on an incline.  Afraid your walker might run away from you on a hillside?  Slow-down brakes let you set the brake tension, so the wheels roll in a controlled fashion.  Available as an option on Dolomite walkers, including Symphony, Legacy & Maxi.

Single-hand brakes let one hand do all the braking, so if you have a strong side, it can take over for the weak side.  Optional on the four-wheel Symphony or Maxi

Rollator Options

Rollators come outfitted in various ways.  Some features are standard, others optional.  The most popular items include:


If you tire easily, you will want a seat on your walker so you can rest when fatigued.  Some rollators even include a small backrest and armrests that assist with sitting down or standing up.

Shopping basket/bag

It's nice to be able to carry items easily from place to place while using a rollator.  Baskets and bags of various sizes and position are available for this purpose. Open wire baskets are a snap to load and unload, but under-seat tote bags provide privacy for things like purses.

Baskets positioned low on the rollator frame may be difficult to reach.

Walking stick holder

There are places where rollators don't function very well - such as extremely tight spaces.  A holder enables you to have a cane or walking stick on hand for those times when using the walker itself proves inconvenient.  Optional cane holders are available on all Dolomite walkers.

Oxygen tank holder

If you carry an oxygen tank with you, an oxygen tank holder for your rollator is a real convenience.  Safer too than just plunking the tank in a rollator basket.  

An oxygen tank holder that replaces the basket is optional on Dolomite rollators.  

Rollator comparison charts

Whew!  It is easy to be overwhelmed by the variety of features and options available on rollators.  Recommendation: decide upon your must have features - no more than a two or three.  Then restrict your search to rollators offering those options.  By comparing these models to one another in terms of nice to have features, you will probably quickly develop a preference. 

Once you have limited your search, you might find the following two charts helpful.  They give side-by-side comparisons of the different rollators offered by a particular manufacturer, so you can see at a glance which ones have the features you want. 

Questions?  Concerns?  Send them our way, by phone (913- 390-0247) or email.  Any answers we don't have, we will get!

Drive Rollators







Winnie Go Lite 3 wheel aluminum Flame blue or flame red Locking loop 7.5" casters, tote, adjustable handle height $137.00
Mimi Lite Rollator 4 wheel aluminum Dark blue Pushdown Backrest & tote; optional basket & backrest tray $167.00
Junior 4 wheel aluminum Blue or red Locking loop Contoured, padded back & wire basket $177.00
D-Lite 4 wheel aluminum Red, blue, silver, green, black, white, gold Locking loop Contoured, padded back & wire basket $187.00
Go-Lite Deluxe 4 wheel aluminum Blue/gray, green, red, silver, black or red Locking loop Backrest & wire basket, optional padded seat $137.00
Go-Lite Oversized 4 wheel steel Blue or red Locking loop Backrest & wire basket, padded seat $257.00


Dolomite Rollators







Symphony Rollator 4 wheel steel Brushed silver Locking loop** Standard basket & backrest. Optional anatomical handles, food/beverage tray, cane holder & oxygen tank holder


Legacy Rollator 4 wheel steel Candy apple red or Metallic blue Locking loop** Standard basket & backrest. Optional tall handles, anatomical handles, food/beverage tray, cane holder & oxygen tank holder


Maxi Rollator 4 wheel steel Seafoam green Locking loop* Standard basket & backrest. Optional anatomical handles, food/beverage tray, cane holder & oxygen tank holder


Alpha Rollator 4 wheel steel Sapphire blue Locking loop* Optional oxygen tank holder, cane holder & food/beverage tray.


* slow-down brake option

**slow-down brake and one-hand brake options

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