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Pill organizers

More help with medications

Medication Management

Sounds simple: take the right amount of the right meds at the right time.  Not!  Find out more:

Know what you are taking and why

Take medicines properly

Find a reliable pharmacy

Guard against pharmacy error

Our free Medication Record lets you organize what you know about each prescription.



Medicate Safely

Unintentional overdoses with prescription drugs are the second-leading cause of death in the U.S., after car crashes.  So say statistics from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Don't take chances with your meds!


Medication management puts you in control

Gain control of your pill taking regimen

There is no one right way to organize medications.  You need to find a solution that works for you and your situation.  It's a matter of ease and reliability...

Some people take their meds first thing each morning upon arising.  Others place pills next to their plate, and take them after eating.  Or leave pills out on the nightstand to take before bed.

If you just take a pill or two and easily recall when they are due, then you have a system that works.  However, if you sometimes forget (especially an important pill) or waste energy worrying about forgetting, then a system for managing your meds can simplify your life and make it safer.

So long as the solution fits

Find a pill-taking system that fits

There's a lot to consider in choosing a medication management system.  Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • If you only take a few pills, a simple organizer may be all you need.

  • If you take pills throughout the day, a divided organizer will keep doses separate and reveal at a glance if any were missed.

  • If you take big pills or many pills, get a large capacity organizer, so you don't have to cram.

  • If you forget your pills (regardless of how many or few you take), a pill reminder can keep you on schedule.

  • If you prefer to put pills together daily, get a daily organizer.  If you'd rather do this chore once a week, get a weekly organizer.  If once a month sounds about right, go for a monthly organizer.

  • If you are often out and about, be sure your organizer/reminder is likewise mobile, fitting easily into pocket or purse.

  • If you need pill reminders, but prefer they be private, get a vibrating multi-alarm.

  • If you are a caregiver, consider our own peace-of-mind, as well as your loved one's capabilities, in choosing a medication organizing system.  You may need a locking system, one that only needs to be filled once or twice a month, or one that can be monitored over the internet.

Weigh the costs

Of course, cost is another factor to consider.  Simple pill containers can be had for less than $10.  Automated dispensers, on the other hand, can run several hundred.  When is it worth it to pay the big bucks? 

  • When your pills are critical.  A quality pill-taking system is cheap insurance against emergency room visits and/or health problems due to over or under-dosing.

  • When the timing of your pills is critical.  Ditto.

  • When your pill-taking regimen is complex.  You need a robust solution that is both dependable and flexible.

  • When you're feeling anxious, dispirited or overwhelmed about pill-taking.  A highly reliable system can restore needed peace of mind.

  • When the alternative is a loss of independence.  Inability to take medications properly is the number one cause of nursing home admissions. 

Consider your options

Want to learn more about how to best manage your medications or those of a loved oneChoosing a Medication Aid can help.  Discover the key issues and the right questions to ask. 

Or, if you are ready to shop, browse our wide selection of helpful aids.  Among our pill organizers, timed dispensers, medication alarms, and automated dispensers, you're likely to find several that fit your needs.  Not to mention, accessories that grind, split, and measure your medications.

Get organized...really organized!

A problem brought you here...  When it came to pill-taking, something wasn't working, or wasn't working well.  Once you find an appropriate dispenser, organizer, or reminder system, you may consider your problem solved.

Not so fast!

You may be missing something.  This gem of a product can provide coherence to your medication management system. 

The IdentiMed System is a visual organizer that pulls together all the information about what pills you take, why and when.  It  is inexpensive and easy-to-use, minimizes stress and the possibility of errors.  And you use it together with your favorite pill organizer/reminder system.

Just consider two of many ways the IdentiMed comes in handy:

  • Visiting the doctor?  Take along your IdentiMed pill pages and you'll have a complete, accurate and up-to-date record of your current medications and dosages.  (Each pill even appears in a self-contained pill pocket next to relevant information: prescribing doctor, reason for taking, frequency of dosing, etc.)  You're spared some head-scratching and your doctors are effortlessly kept informed, minimizing the possibility of errors.

  • Relying upon someone else to make up your pills?  It's easy to make a mistake when assembling pills for someone else.  You're not familiar with the pills or the dosing frequency or quantity.  IdentiMed neatly solves this problem, by supplying complete information and identifying each and every pill taken (including a sample of each).  What's that worth should you find yourself in the hospital, with strangers in charge of your meds?

Give the IdentiMed a try, and you'll likely wonder how you ever managed your pill regimen without it.

IdentiMed System

IdentiMed System for organizing & identifying medications

IdentiMed System for organizing & identifying medications


$ 4.98

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Extra pages & other supplies for IndentiMed System

Extra Pages & Supplies for IdentiMed System

$ 7.00

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Have at it!


Ready to explore the different medication management solutions?  Here they are, organized into rough categories:

Questions? Problems?  Give us a call at 972-699-0071.  We are knowledgeable about our products and happy to help.



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