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Rehab Kits


Massage for Chronic Pain

Is there anything more relaxing than a massage?  Anything more soothing to jangled nerves?

If you struggle with chronic pain, though, massage might do more than just give you a temporary feel-good boost.

By helping to relax muscles and sore tissues, massage can ease chronic pain.  And the benefits can persist - for six months or longer, for those with lower back pain, according to a recent study in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

Another study conducted jointly by the Buck Institute in Novato and McMaster University in Canada and reported in 2012, found that massage reduces inflammation, promotes the growth of new mitochondria in skeletal muscle and reduces muscle pain.

Massage does indeed help heal sore and stressed muscles. 

Feel good now and later - how tempting is that?


Offer them relief: theraband + biofreeze = a powerful rehab combo!*


* As an authorized Biofreeze distributor, B Independent sells only to healthcare professionals and facilities.  Call for information or to arrange wholesale pricing.  Sorry, we cannot sell Biofreeze products to the general public.


Theraband and biofreeze are better together - find out why in our Biofreeze Guide

Biofreeze gel

Theraband Pain Relief Kit

Kit includes 3 oz. Biofreeze Pain Relieving Roll-On

Theraband First Step to Foot Relief Kit Theraband First Step to Foot Relief Kit
  • Foot Roller
  • 5' red Resistance Band


Theraband Rehab Kits with Biofreeze

Each kit includes 2 oz. Biofreeze Pain Relieving Spray

Theraband General Rehab & Pain Relief Kit, beginner
  • 5' yellow Resistance Band
  • 5' red Resistance Band


Theraband General Rehab & Pain Relief Kit, intermediate
  • 5' red Resistance Band
  • 5' green Resistance Band
Theraband Shoulder Rehab/Recovery Kit
  • 5' yellow Resistance Band
  • TheraBand Shoulder Pulley

Theraband Rehab Kits with DVD

Each of these kits comes with

(1) 3 oz. Biofreeze Pain Relieving Roll-On,

(2) a targeted Instructional DVD, and

(3) a Comprehensive Guide.

Lower Back Rehab Kit Theraband Lower Back Rehab Kit
  • 5' red tubing with handles
  • Door Anchor
Shoulder Rehab Kit Theraband Shoulder Rehab Kit
  • 5' red tubing with soft grip handles
Neck/Cervical Rehab Ki Theraband Neck / Cervical Rehab Kit
  • 5' red tubing with handles
  • 18" red band loop 
  • Door Anchor
Knee & Hip Rehab Kit Theraband Knee & Hip Rehab Kit
  • 12" red exercise band loop
Hand & Wrist Rehab Kit Theraband Hand & Wrist Rehab Kit
  • 5' red tubing with handles
  • red FlexBar
  • Door Anchor


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